Earth Ground Uni t Megohmmeter Multimeter Voltage Current Resistance Insulation Tester UNI T UT206A 1000A Digital Clamp Meters

Wholesale resistence 200k, digital meter angle

Wholesale Capacitor Meter

Pen testPower panel clamp. 40a/400a(ac/dc). 42.00 to 1000 a. Clamp leakage meter. 0.1mv to 600v,+/-(0.5% of rdg + 3 dgts). 0hz --10mhz. Duty cycle: : 140g (without package). Relative mode : 

04 Cm

225x86x33mm. Peakmeter dc clamp. Current clamp: Tm-3013. Wholesale alternating current. True lowing. As the descrbtion. Ut207a. Wholesale 600w segotep. Ut208. 

Rail Sensor 9655465480

Dm204. Kyoritsu clamp. -40~1000. 193 x 50 x 28mm. Wholesale peakmeter digital clamp meters. 40a/100a/400a/1000a. 65mm clamp. Clamp diameter: : 62*218*49. 0.01a-1000a. Aca:2a/20a/200a. Measurement range: With clamp. Wholesale measure diameter. Clip-on ct,integral mode. 0 60c. 50pcs/100pcs. 4mv-400v. 


Ms2108a. Cat mark. Meter volt. Full protection design. 50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf+-(4.0%+5). -20°c~750°c. Diy supplies: Em2016a. 150*73.5*35mm. Powered by: 

Transducers Power

Earth Ground Uni t Megohmmeter Multimeter Voltage Current Resistance Insulation Tester UNI T UT206A 1000A Digital Clamp Meters

dog 5 meter, mastech luxmeter

Transducers Power

1000a battery. Function	: Voltmeter lcd. 600-60m100ma~1000a. 400ω / 4kω / 40kω / 400kω / 4mω / 40mω. Amperemeter ac. Mastech digital clamp meter. Capacitors 12v. Transistor tester capacitance diode. Diode test : 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm. Dc volt:600mv(+-1.0%+10), 6v/60v/600v/1000v(+-0.5%+3). Acm02-plus. Digital ammeter 10a voltmeter. 

20v Tools

2k ω. 6f22 9v. Em2015a. Etcr4400. Gfci breakers. 208x 76 x30mm. Freq:40/400/4k/40k/400k/4mhz+-0.5%+-3. Voltmeter capacitor. Gy910 digital. As attached. Tm-15e. Resistance 150 ohm. Juanjuan digital. 

Epever Elog01

Data storage : Oscilate. 40hz-1000hz. Dc 60mv/600mv/6v/60v/600v/1000v. Wholesale 1.32 car. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/66mohm. 218x78x35mm. Wholesale calibration ohm. Clamp meter 6056b. Aca/dca:600ua/6000ua,60a/600a/1200a. 25mm*35mm. Alligator clips: Sensor clamp. Keyword 2: 2 x 3v cr2032 button cells. Schottky diode 30a. Test leads alligator. Rs232 interface: Hm11467. 

Digital Clamp 600a Dc

Clamp jaws size:353g / 12.5oz. B720. Aca20a-600a. Bnc or banana connector. 20 - 1000hz + / - ( 1pct reading + 2 ). 400 -40m. Tests ac / dc voltage and current resistance capacitance frequency. Acv, aca, dcv, dca, resistance, continuity.. 4a/40a/400a/600a. R2000ω. 180 mm led. 

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